Department of Veterans Affairs



If you have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Health Card/Veteran Card “Gold Card” or “White Card”, DVA will pay for physiotherapy services, available through DVA arrangements, to meet your clinical needs. A referral can be issued by a general practitioner (GP) or in some cases by a medical specialist, or a health professional as part of a hospital discharge. 

​A referral is valid for a ‘treatment cycle’ of up to 12 sessions of allied health treatment or one year, whichever ends first. This ‘treatment cycle’ aims to promote quality clinical care so that you have the best possible prospects for living a healthy life. Gold Card Holders are not subject to a treatment cycle.

Once you have completed your treatment cycle, your physiotherapist will send a report to your usual GP/referring specialist. It will be at your GP’s discretion if you are approved for a further treatment cycle or whether other treatment options are needed. Your GP will provide a new referral to the physiotherapist, if it is needed.


Palms Physiotherapy will accept DVA Gold or White card for full payment of our services and will bulk bill DVA directly for any care provided to you under DVA arrangements. This will ensure you do not incur any out pocket expenses.