Thoracic Spine Pain

What is it?

Anatomy Facts:

1.     There are 12 thoracic vertebra

2.     Each of these vertebra connect to the vertebra above and below via facet joints and the intervertebral disc,    together known as the functional unit 

3.     These joints allow for movement, support out upright posture and hold us together to protect vital organs 

4.     Each of these vertebra connect to each rib via the CVJ which is encapsulated by strong connective tissue 


Signs and Symptoms:


Mechanism of Injury


Common Management Techniques


Minor irritations can often settle in 3-4 days with appropriate treatment although these can persist for 3 or more weeks. It’s important to note that even with symptomatic relief within weeks that the joint is often recovering for a longer period and stability exercises are important. 


 The Physiotherapists at Palms Physiotherapy are skilled in treating back ailments and can effectively assist with pain relief and rapid recovery.