Neck Pain (Cervical Facet Dysfunction)

What is it?

Facet Dysfunction can be a sudden or gradual onset of neck pain accompanied by tightness of the neck muscles. 

Pain can be localised to one side of the neck or both sides. The pain can also be referred into the head or shoulder region. 

Mechanism of Injury

Anyone can get facet dysfunction but it commonly occurs from around 50 years of age. It can also occur in people who’ve had a history of accidents, heavy work or poor posture

Common Management Techniques

Physiotherapy uses a combination of massage, joint mobilisations, stretches and strengthening exercises 

You can do the following things at home:


Often Facet Dysfunction is a transient and self-limiting condition that can recover in a matter of a few weeks. 

The Physiotherapists at Palms Physiotherapy are skilled in treating neck ailments and can effectively assist with pain relief and rapid recovery