What is Mastitis?


Mastitis is an inflammatory breast condition that is often characterised by a blocked milk duct/s that may or may not be associated with bacterial or fungal infection. A blockage generally occurs when the breast milk being produced cannot drain from the breast, resulting in the thickening of stationary milk, which leads to a blockage of the associated milk duct/s. Mastitis usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers, many within the first three to six months postpartum or during weaning. However, mastitis can occasionally arise during pregnancy and in women who are not breastfeeding.


The symptoms of mastitis can include:


What can cause a blocked milk duct to occur?

There are several factors that can increase the risk of a blocked milk duct occurring and leading to Mastitis, they include:


We can help!


At Palms Physiotherapy, our Physiotherapist’s will take a history and assess the affected breast to determine the best treatment option. A therapeutic ultrasound may be used to help open the ducts and increase circulation to improve the flow of milk. By increasing the milk flow, it can reduce pain and swelling. Most women see improvements with ultrasound in the pain and lump size with 2-3 sessions. Ultrasound is not painful, and you often feel a big difference after only one session!


Physiotherapy Treatment Options for Mastitis and Blocked Ducts

There are many treatment options for mastitis and blocked ducts, including: